Mathew Hickey

Mathew Hickey

IT Director

Matthew Hickey joined R2 Corporation in 2016 and brings more than 10 years of experience managing the IT infrastructure for the organization. Hickey oversees the architecture and implementation of all daily operational and business support systems for both facilities. Hickey has designed and developed a unique application that streamlines the flow of inbound and outbound product information, maintains customer portals and customer logs to satisfy many fortunes 100 and 500 companies who trust R2 Corporation to handle their valuable data and asset disposition. Hickey excels in the responsibility for maintaining crucial R2 Certifications by working with Auditors on a routine schedule to ensure that R2 Corporation is compliant on the handling, and disposition of customer assets and data.

Throughout his 3-year tenure with Resale Resource, Hickey has built a reputation for developing standards, strategies, and incubating new business models for large corporate clients, and building out infrastructure programs to ensure client satisfaction.  Matthew’s testing and flow process have helped incubate new products into mature revenue-generating engines.

Hickey provides timely access of performance information to the Director of Operations so R2 Corporation can continue to maintain its core values of credibility, flexibility, determination, and solution-driven protocols. Hickey stands at the forefront of the fastest industry trend of data security where he has taken on a leadership role with R2 Corp. for information and privacy issues.

Matthew has helped position R2 Corporation as a leader in this industry through his knowledge of webpage, coding and IT security. Hickey’s past work as a GSU cybersecurity manager with a major game developer has fostered his acute ability to implement and create new software and hardware protocols for the growth and direction of R2 Corporation.

Hickey has extensive experience in serving multiple IT Project support roles. Before his promotion to IT Director, he was instrumental in helping with customer support portals, web page issues and help desk situations where he successfully evaluated customer requirements and implemented necessary tools to improve the relationship between clients and R2. Hickey continues his education by staying current with new Security Threats and Technology Management, with Microsoft and Cisco Certifications.

When Matthew is not spending quality time with his girlfriend, he tries to find time to relax listening to the renowned Austin’s local live music scene and enjoys honing his gaming skills. He is also an avid outdoorsman, where he enjoys fishing & hunting at his family ranch.