Paul Heihn

Paul Heihn

Corporate Sales

Paul Heihn Serves as R2 Corporations Corporate Sales Team Member. He is a thoughtful leader who is equally analytical as he is visionary.  Paul has been working with R2 Corporation for over 6 years and offers an innovative insight into multi-channel strategies in Sales and Client management.


Paul demonstrates excellent communication skills that enables him to engage effectively with customers and offer insightful solutions for R2 clients.  Paul is a results-focused member of the executive staff who supports the sales and ECOMM teams, as well as stepping up to many other challenges.


To achieve a solid record of accomplishments for R2 Corporation, Paul dives headfirst into solving complex challenges, uncovering possibilities and reframing ‘Warehouse” thinking to capitalize on opportunities.


Paul’s personal profile is shaped by strong family values and a superior work ethic. 11 years in the US Navy has given him an integrity-driven competitive nature that pushes him to exceed goals while motivating those around him.


As an instinctive leader he achieves personal fulfilment by helping the team tap into their inner excellence, aligning their personal growth with the company’s short-term and long-term business goals.


Paul earned a nursing Degree after joining the U.S. Navy as a Corpsman where he gained a unique global perspective for cultures and a healthy environment.  Currently residing in Lago Vista, Texas with his family raising 2 kids and 3 dogs they enjoy weekend getaways camping, boating and Hiking.