Scott Buroker

Scott Buroker

Executive Vice President

Scott Buroker with more than 15 years’ experience in the ITAD / Recycling industry.  Scott serves as Executive Vice President of R2 Corporation. While embracing the R2 core values with a commitment to excellence, and credibility.  Buroker brings a strong military code of ethics and guides R2 Corporation and sales teams, with superior leadership skills, including hiring professional and technical staff, implementing budget guidelines, writing business plans, creating and implementing effective Training, and installing effective cost reduction protocols.

With a solid history and background in the recycling industry, Buroker is responsible for R2 Corps budgets, sales forecasting, resource allocation, fund management, compliance, customer service, and inventory control. His role at Resale Resource, while improving overall staff morale and client confidence, includes a dedication to certify and maintain related Environmental, Health, and Safety Standards that R2 is renowned for.

Buroker achieved his education from Central Texas College, and proudly displays over 30 Military medals including a prestigious Medal for Valor, along with numerous awards for exemplary performance during his 14 years active service in the U.S. Army. He currently remains committed to the U.S. Army through active reserve duty.  Buroker still holds and maintains through periodic reviews a Secret Security clearance through the US Government, which validates his trustworthiness, reliability, and loyalty that he brings to every situation.

Scott was born in Wisconsin and plays as hard as he works.  After visiting all 50 states, and over 15 countries, Scott currently resides with his beautiful wife, their rescue puppy (Scraggles) and old cat (Teaka) in Central Texas where he still enjoys adventurous weekend activities.  Scott is a dedicated husband and father to 4 adult children, and enjoys being on the move, with his family whether it is rappelling, hiking, being on the lake, visiting local breweries, or just sitting with a block of Wisconsin cheddar watching a Lions or Badger games. He maintains a passionate goal to actively participate in worldwide ITAD industry tradeshows, professional development conferences, and customer events. Scott possess the tenacity, drive, and motivation to make an impact on the recycling industry with R2 ‘s solution-driven commitment to Excellence