Steve Coffman

Steve Coffman

Manager of Production and Warehouse Management Systems

Steve Coffman’s role is critical to the management team at R2 Corporation where he is responsible for General Operations of Production and Warehouse Management Systems.  Coffman’s primary role is to trouble-shoot application issues, evaluates procedures and processes, develop solutions, test programs, and manages configurations, while providing invaluable support for both R2 Corporation fulfillment centers.

Coffman is experienced in all aspects of supply operations, materials management, purchasing, production planning, inventory management, logistics, and integrated business process management. He has demonstrated leadership and innovation with the implementation of RAZOR ERP and redesigned business processes around this inventory management program.  He received recognition for his computer modeling applications, warehouse layout, and was instrumental in installing and initializing internet applications for inventory management.

Coffman manages to achieve a more productive and organized warehouse, by constantly observing what is already happening in daily operations by participating in the warehouse.  He locates trouble spots or congestions then implements a hypothesis to explain why those particular problems are currently happening.  Using logical assumption he foresees how changes to a process can affect the productivity of the warehouse.  Experiments with the hypothesis in creative mind, and then sets programs in place to run the test. Every step of his process is effectively thought through to avoid any delay in daily routines.

Coffman takes pleasure in updating his job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities and reading professional publications relating to critical ERP programs.  He currently resides in Houston, TX where he volunteered to create R2 Corporations secondary fulfillment center from the ground up. When Coffman is not working, he enjoys quality time with his Daughter or his rescue Puppy. He also enjoys riding his Honda Cruiser to the Coast relaxing in the surf and sand.